Opening Up About Being “Sacked” as a Coach

Opening Up About Being "Sacked" as a Coach

Justin Langer Talks About Being “Sacked” as a Coach and What “The Hardest Thing Was”.


Former Australia coach Justin Langer called out the anonymous “cowards” who leaked information about him prior to his resignation on Wednesday, but he also acknowledged he should have improved his relationship with the organization that governs the sport.


After tense contract negotiations with Cricket Australia and failing to win the public support of important players, the 52-year-old left his position in February.


Despite leading Australia to victory in the Twenty20 World Cup that same year and a 4-0 Ashes victory over England in 2021, he was dissatisfied at being given a six-month extension only.


Disgruntled players expressed their complaints about his intense, “headmaster-like,” coaching style to Australian media under false names prior to his departure; he still takes offense to this.


In the wake of a cheating scandal, Australian cricket was at its lowest point in decades when Langer took the job in 2018. He is credited with bringing back pride in the cherished baggy green cap. But about a year before his eventual firing, complaints about his micromanagement started to circulate.


The Australian Test summer, which begins next week against the West Indies, will be commented on by Langer, who claims he listened and changed his ways despite being fired.


The biggest mistake Langer said he made was not getting along with Cricket Australia’s board.


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