Mohammad Shami to fly Next Week to Australia as Jaspreet Bumrah’s Replacement

Mohammad Shami to fly Next Week to Australia as Jaspreet Bumrah’s Replacement

Jaspreet Bumrah has been replaced by the new international player, Mohammad Shami. Mohammad Shami is a master bowler who has always represented India with skillfulness. BCCI has made the replacement, and both players are happy about it. He will depart for Australia the following week.
Because of a back injury, Bumrah will not play in the T20 World Cup in 2022. This is a massive setback for Team India, and they must look for alternative options. To face Australia in the upcoming T20 series, the BCCI has replaced Jaspreet Bumrah with Mohammed Shami.

According to a source cited by PTI, “Mohammed Shami, if fit, was always going to be the first replacement as that’s the closest the Indian team can get in terms of sheer quality.” He will be joining sometime next week. However, Deepak Chahar was also one of the options, but given his experience, Shami is the favorite to participate in the ICC event. The right-arm pacer was also named to the 2021 T20 World Cup squad.

Mohammad Shami and Jaspreet Bumrah are both talented bowlers and have been a significant part of Team India. It is a massive setback for Indian cricket to lose Bumrah, but on the other hand, the team has found an equally good replacement for the talented Bumrah.
Mohammad Shami will fly to Australia as a replacement for Jaspreet Bumrah in Team India. His comeback will be soon as he returns to his best fitness.

Along with 14 players, Rahul Dravid, the head coach of Team India, and the coaching staff have already traveled to Australia to get ready for the T20 World Cup there. Mohammed Shami, a veteran player who will soon go for Australia, has already been given the go-ahead by the selection committee members. For some months, Shami has remained inactive.

Mohammad Shami is one of the best bowlers in the country, and he is one of the most promising bowlers too. He has some international cricket experience, which makes him perfect for this replacement. His pace is ideal for this format, and his skillful bowling will help India to a great extent in the upcoming T20 series.
Jaspreet’s replacement was a good move from the BCCI, as now India will have two quality choices for rotation in the T20 format team.

According to InsideSport, a senior BCCI official said, “Yes, Shami is recovering well. He has resumed light practice. But he needs time to be completely fit. He will report to the NCA this week. “Only when he gets the medical team’s clearance will he be able to join the squad,”

Before their warm-up matches against Australia and New Zealand on the 17th and 19th of October, Team India will play a couple of games against Western Australia.
The final preparations for the high-scoring T20 World Cup are underway.

We will soon witness Mohammad Shami as the replacement for Jaspreet Bumrah in India’s T20 team. His comeback will make the tournament more interesting.

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