The Greatest Ctricket Tournament is Back


Why Cricket is Among the Favorite Games For People to Bet On!


The Game of Chances! Cricket is an Experience in Itself! Every Ball is a mystery and how entertaining would it be if you can predict every ball and scenario and win monetary rewards through it.


Sounds Interesting right?

Ball By Ball Predictions | Live Toss | Session Reports

All these Make Cricket an Out and Out Entertainer to Bet On!
Want to Create a Team Like Dream 11?
We Have Got that Covered For you As Well! Games Like Diam 11 And Cricket X Allow You To Create Teams just like any other fantasy sports game. The Skills are in your Mind! Create your Team and Fill in Your Pockets!

Which are the Best Betting Brands to Play Cricket on?

The Question Of the Hour!
There are So many Brands around and one may easily Get Confused on Which Brand to Play with. Well, Your confusion Ends here!

Here are some of our Most Trusted Gaming Brands that you can trust your Money with!
Gurubhai Group of Books

Gurubhai Group of Books

The Brand Gurubhai entered the market by a storm with two Books with different experiences. They are Mainly known for their on-time withdrawals which take less than 5 Minutes. Yes, you heard that right! Along with this, their seasonal offers are so attractive that you can Barely give it a Miss!

Which Cricket Games are Best Enjoyed on Gurubhai Group of Books?

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